This Alfa 1600 GT Junior can be yours now


Visiting Paris can be a thing to do if you’re looking for an Alfa Romeo 1600GT Junior.

During my recent visit at Straderial new concept store in Paris, I had a little chat with Paul (the owner) about the future of the store and cars he’s got up for sale.

Turns out that Paul has created not just another classic car garage but a ‘Classic Car Social Hub’ with ‘everyone’s welcome’ approach. Apart from the cars Straderial will offer all things classic car related. From posters, fashion, memorabilia, and accessories through to some rare and special automobiles. I for sure, look forward to my next visit to Pauls concept store.

We also discussed the gorgeous Alfa 1600 GT Junior he’s got for sale and I tell you what… this car is near perfection! More details on Straderial website.

Here are some photos and make sure you don’t miss out and check their other cars here.


Tom Horna

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