BMW Art Cars. Which one was your favourite…


It’s 1975 and BMW is launching a series of ‘Art Cars’… One of those cars designed by artist Alexander Calder and possibly the most colorful one of the series was the gorgeous BMW 3.0 CSL BatMobile.

With its bright, white, yellow, red and blue colours it easily is the most ‘stand out’ out of all  and I have to say it is my favourite. The car featured here isn’t the ‘real deal’ however it certainly is a very honest replica and one not to be ashamed of. It started as a road legal 3.0CSL and with thousands of man hours put into the bodywork, paintwork and the mechanics, it turned into what it is now – a beautiful, colorful monster of a car punching well over 400 horsepower.


BMW 3.0 CSL Bat Mobile (1 of 65)


It’s easy to say that this monstrous BatMobile is one of the most attractive BMW’s ever. With its huge hips, wings and wide slick tyres it also is one of the most aggressive looking classic cars I’ve ever seen. The set of photos you see here was taken at this years Donington Historic Festival and unfortunately for me, it was not taking part in any of the races. It still looked amazing just sitting there and stopped pretty much every bypasser.



Being a replica doesn’t change the fact that this is a rare car and with its busy schedule racing in historic touring car series throughout the world, you will be lucky to see it in person. I thought it will be a good idea to spend some time writing this story and share it here on #DriveClaccis


Tom Horna

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