This is TiNA, Guards Red 911 Turbo that is a childhood dream come true



I’ve met up with Frank Cassidy to talk about his guards red 911 Turbo called Tina. Here’s the interesting story of how a car from a childhood poster landed in his collection.

TH: How did you get into classic cars?


I suppose it’s their imperfections that give them so much character. Imperfections are a very human quality and that gives the cars so much character. I’m not interested in new Porsches, they’re just too easy to drive, to digital, although that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the amazing accomplishments new car technology is making.




TH: What’s the story behind buying Tina?

FC: Well my dad owned a 3,2 Carrera and so impact bumper 911s always had a place in my heart. I also had a poster of a black 930 on my wall as a child, the one from the Braun shavers adverts in the 1980s. A few years ago I spotted an online advert for a Guard Red 1989 Turbo, the last year the 930 was made. Which means it benefitted from a G50 five speed gearbox and an inter-cooler. The deal was done and suddenly the childhood poster became a reality. Some heroes live up to your expectations.

Black Betty Tina (10 of 65)



TH: What’s it like to own a 930 turbo and what’s your favourite bit about it?

FC: An absolute riot. My 930 has uprated cams, a bigger K27 Turbocharger, an Andial period intercooler and a period Borla exhaust, all that to say she really packs a punch. When the boost comes in it’s exhilarating. The 930 isn’t the last air-cooled rear wheel drive Turbo made by Porsche, but to me, it’s the last true ‘Widow Maker’. People say they’re only good for going in straight lines, but truth be told if you really put in the graft you can make them do mind bending things on the road, you’ve just got to be respectful and progressively build boost with your right foot. After all, Porsche raced Turbo 911s and they certainly went round corners quickly…

Black Betty Tina (30 of 65)



TH: What’s your favourite memory with it?

FC: I like driving with like minded drivers, but to be truthful some of my best drives are on my own early morning before the world wakes up. Those mornings when there’s no one around, B-roads become my playground. I’ll rarely have a destination, just a cause, driving for the challenge.




TH: What’s the worst thing about owning a classic 911 Turbo?

FC: The same as with all my cars, the cost of fuel and tyres.

TH: Do you work on your cars?

FC: I do the odd bits here and there, for example, I’ve replaced most of the running gear on Black Betty myself, but generally speaking I have individual people I go to depending on what I need doing. One day when life slows down I hope to have more time to get my fingers properly dirty.




TH: What’s your dream car?

FC: Probably my dad’s old targa. I miss the car dearly as it’s the one that started it all for me. I hope I find it one day… the search carries on.


TH: Thank you for sharing Tina’s story with us.

FC: Cheers.

Tom Horna

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