As a car guy, like most, I have my favourite brands. BMW is probably my favourite brand indeed. I grew up around them and understand their mechanics and  I certainly appreciate their performance. I own two classic BMW’s and one of them is 635CSi Highline so no wonder that I got excited (perhaps over excited) with the spectacular ‘Luigi UFO’ livered BMW 530i at Goodwoods circuit.

The car is a tribute to the BMW Luigi 530i which raced the European Touring-Car Championships in the 80’s. This extremely perfect replica was raced last year at 74th Members Meeting by Gerhard Berger and his former BMW team-mate Emanuele Pirro in Gerry Marshall Trophy.

The opportunity came up straight after the first test day session in prep for the 75th Members Meeting. I have approached the owners of the car asking if we could take a few photos of the car and they kindly said yes and in no time I was in action taking photos of this amazing machine.




Tom Horna

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