The Members Meeting at Goodwood has a huge history. Going back to 1948 when the circuit opened for the first time for the members of BARC (British Automobile Racing Club) to enjoy their machines on the circuit. Meetings ceased in 1966 and there were 71 of them until then.

Due to the demand, the Members Meeting was re-launched in 2014 with its 72nd edition. Since then every March all members and everyone that’s on the membership ‘awaiting’ list has the opportunity to take part in racing or simply enjoy the races as spectators. This year we are celebrating the 75th edition of The Members Meeting.

Don’t mistake this with a low-key event for ‘Members only’ it’s far from that. The preparations take months. From branding through the erecting of the temporary buildings and spectators stands to planting the ever so famous Goodwood DAFFODILS… Yes, daffodils… They’re pretty much everywhere you look… there’s so many of them that even on the coldest, greyest day you will feel warm from the bright, fresh, yellowness around you.

However. None of the above is important as much as the drivers and their machines. They need to get back into the mood of racing after the winter months and hence prior to the event al the drivers and their cars attend testing sessions at the circuit. This year there are 4 sessions and this is the first one.


Tom Horna

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