Classic Range Rovers are no doubt a British Automotive Royalty. We’ve met up with Will to find out what it’s like to own one… or more!

There is no doubt that the Range Rover is one of the most luxurious British brands and now the classic Range Rovers are becoming more and more popular. From businessmen, families and gangsters all the way through to the royalty – everyone with a little bit of taste and money had one.

We’ve met with our friend Will Meacham to talk about his collection and passion for classic Range Rovers. Here’s what we’ve found out.

In Vogue Only - Will M (6 of 96)

How did you get into classic cars?

Purely through spotting an old 87 Chamonix White Range Rover Vogue on English Plates which had been left by an expat who had fled back to England from Marbella. Once I had bought that and shipped it home I realised that they were worth good money, and enjoyed the recommissioning process, the addiction started.

First classic and why/what’s the story behind it?

First classic car was the 87 V8 Vogue complete with real wood door trims, Vinyl Roof, a silky smooth V8, and a surprisingly good auto box. This was owned by a Spanish chap who had purchased it off of a British ex pat leaving Marbella. He had had it sat for approx. 7 years and done nothing with it, just parked alongside an old jag and Merc which are probably still there to this day. I managed to drive it down the road into an underground car park, then on to the loader for its voyage back to England.

You have a few Range Rovers in your collection. Can you list them for us?

My collection is continuously changing but in its current situation I own: 1990 3.9i V8 Vogue Auto in Colorado Silver Metallic, 1990 3.9i V8 Vogue Auto in Ardennes Green Metallic, 1987 3.5i V8 Vogue Auto in Vogue Blue (I think). 1987 3.5i V8 Auto in Cypress Green. 1988 Caspian Blue 4.3l Resto Mod Vogue SE, 1995 4.6 HSE Vogue Auto.

In Vogue Only - Will M (20 of 96)

Tell us more about your passion for Range Rover.

It all started from that one car from Spain, but I can drive all of them fairly comfortably, and at 6ft 4 finding a car to take to events or even use, that is comfortable and fairly reliable is quite difficult. I also like the fact that they are British and iconic, and that they paved the way for the comfortable luxurious go anywhere cars of today. Back in the day there was nothing like a range rover, and still now, very few cars can show the Range Rover up off of the tarmac.

Your favourite Range Rover out of your collection and why?

My Ardennes green 3.9I Vogue V8, because it has only covered 55,000 miles, I rescued it from a field, it is totally original and un-welded, full service history from new every 2k miles, the correct colour and interior.

In Vogue Only - Will M (52 of 96)

What’s it like to drive it?

It drives more competently than some new cars. I can happily drive it for 200 miles without any issues, fit 5 people in it, and it has been extremely reliable. The driving position is second to none, you just have to watch out for the bends!

What’s your favourite bit about it?

The history and colour.

The last question is not necessarily about the Range Rover… What’s your dream car?

It’s got to be the Ferrari F40.

Thank you for your time Will.



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