Searching for design inspiration for ‘Autohouse London’ car storage facility. Part 2 – Berlin.

Words and photography: Tom Horna

This is part 2 of my travels to different locations within the UK and internationally in search of design inspiration for our car storage facility.

This time I travelled to ‘Classic Remise’ in Berlin. A fantastic set-up! Classic Remise is a classic and vintage car centre based in a historic tram depot. It’s like serviced offices space but on a much bigger scale.

Instead of offices, you’ll find individual classic car businesses occupying different parts of the building.

What you’ll find there is a number of mechanical workshops, car showrooms, classic car events companies and even a car-themed restaurant but the centre of the building or as I’d call it a ‘spine’ of it, lies a state of the art long line of see-through, glass cladded car-racks acting as a storage facility within the Classic Remise.

CLASSIC REMISE BERLIN by Drive Classics Club (33 of 123)

It’s been a real eye-opener in terms of what can be achieved in a relatively small space. There’s a second branch of Classic Remise in Dusseldorf which I may also visit.

Stay tuned for more chapters of my ‘inspirational’ classic car storage tour.


Tom Horna