A visit to BMW Museum should be on everyone’s to-do list whilst in Munich.


I have great news for those of you that visit Munich by plane and have some time to kill before your flight home – if you’re a car fan that is, specifically a BMW nut. The BMW Museum is located only a 30 minutes’ drive from the airport so makes a convenient stop if you’d prefer to immerse yourself in BMW rather than hanging around outside duty-free.

This is exactly what happened to me. I travelled by train to Munich from beautiful Sankt Englmar in Bavaria and arrived at my destination at around 2pm. My flight back to London was not departing until 10pm hence I had plenty of time to kill. I had two choices, explore the city or visit the BMW museum. Naturally, I’ve opted for the latter.

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Quick few buttons pressed on my phone and in no time, I’m in an Uber on my way to the BMW Museum. Now I need to mention that I was in the city of Munich and a country of beige Mercedes cabs and my Uber was a Jag! Yes! a Jaguar XF and it was black!

Arriving at what I would call a BMW region of Munich was pretty interesting. Surrounded by a selection of BMW owned buildings made it feel a little like a factory visit. But amongst these, two buildings stood out… the BMW four-cylinder tower which in essence is BWM’s HQ with the museum being located at the towers feet. The newer addition across the street is BMW Welt which holds all the latest products from the BMW Group including BMW, Mini, Rolls-Royce and BMW-Motorrad. Me being me, I skipped the new cars and headed straight for the museum.

Being the ultimate BMW fan, a visit to the museum was on my ‘to do’ list for a long time. Excitement levels were high and I wasn’t disappointed.

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The entire history of BMW brand in a pill. From aviation, through to motorcycles and automotive design and engineering –  it was all there. Models spanning from the humble beginnings of the BMW brand all the way to the future of BMW’s Efficient Dynamic Vision.

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The museum isn’t a big place and no you won’t see every single model that BMW has ever made (not even a fraction of it) but you will see enough to understand the brand and buy into their history or shall I say legacy.

I always loved BMW, new and old but I’m definitely the analog guy and classic BM will always be my choice over the new stuff. Having said that, I look forward to seeing what the future brings for BMW and the entire automotive world.


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Tom Horna