Visiting Porsche museum in Stuttgart is a treat and you should visit it too.


Remarkable design through and through. That’s the best way I can describe the Porsche museum located at Porscheplatz 1 in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen. The building (designed by Viennese architects – Delugan Meissl), is a magnificent, modern and masculine piece of art, appearing to be floating above the ground and supported by only three V-shaped columns. The building together with a ‘Goodwood Festival of Speed style’ three-car sculpture positioned in front of the building prepares you for the spectacular display be seen inside.  

The inside of the museum is naturally even more impressive both architecturally and historically. Pieces of pretty much the entire Porsche history reside in that one building. From early models through different concept cars and collaborations to some of the most successful racing cars in Porsche’s time.

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My favorites were the 24 Hours of Le Mans Porsche 962 and 917 cars. Being around those made me feel like I was born in the wrong moto racing era. Ah… and those painstakingly restored 356s… a dream…

For those who want to visit, here’s some logistical info for UK based travelers:

Fly into Stuttgart – it will set you back between £80-£200, getting to the Museum takes approximately 30 min by train at a low cost of £4 or 25 minutes by taxi at £60-80 – warning* no Uber in Stuttgart due to the local laws.

Museum tickets info:

Here’s what we’ve seen. Enjoy!


Tom Horna