How much longer before BMW M3 will be totally unaffordable​


If you’re a 90’s kid then it is very likely that you had a poster of the BMW M3 e30 on your bedroom wall. With just over 16.000 cars produced worldwide, it isn’t the rarest car in the world but oh boy is it special!

BMW M3 Sunset at Donnington Park (1 of 27)

If you want to own one then better hurry as the prices are going up with the cheapest car I could find on the web is £38k and that’s a car with 177k miles.






Manufactured between 1985-1992 BMW M3 came with a variety of models and special editions. First production cars were fitted with 2.3-litre engines which produced just under 200bhp which was enough to be very competitive and win many championships over the years. Later versions were more powerful with the top performer ‘Sport Evolution’ also called EVO3 going up to 235BHP achieved from its 2.5-litre engine.

BMW M3 Sunset at Donnington Park (9 of 27)

Only 600 EVO3’s were ever made but if you’re looking for something a bit rarer then EVO2 is your car – although less powerful (217BHP) only 500 cars were ever made. Then you will find some limited editions of limited editions like EVO1 Tour De Corse which were limited to 50 cars but… that comes at a price and you can expect to pay £150k+ for one of those…






I would love to own one but with the limited number of ‘quality’ cars and prices continuously going up I don’t think it will happen… certainly not soon.






Tom Horna