AUTOWORLD Brussels is a home to over 250 classic cars and you should visit it.


Anyone visiting Brussels will no doubt end up at ‘Parc du Cinquantenaire’ which is one of the most touristy landmarks in this beautiful city… It also is a home to one of the most exciting automotive museums in Europe ‘AUTOWORLD BRUSSELS‘.


‘Autoworld’ holds in excess of 250 classic and vintage cars which come mostly from the world famous Mahy Collection but it also reserves a space for, ever-changing exhibitions.   My visit was right up my street with the modern classics exhibition curated by ‘Brussels Oldtimers’ called YOUNGTIMERS. A lovely collection of motoring legends such as BMW M3, VW Golf Mk2 Rally, Toyota Celica Turbo, Lancia Delta and many others.


Forget the Youngimers exhibition… The entire place is like walking into a grown-up toy shop for all the petrolheads. I can’t seem to remember when was the last time I’ve been to a building that holds the entire history of motoring. From steam-powered cars through to jet-powered cars all under one roof. It is simply the most interesting automotive museum I have visited in recent years.

So if you’re traveling to Belgium, make sure you visit AUTOWORLD.

Tom Horna

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