Is this Ferrari 500 TRC the most beautiful car to race this year at the​ Revival?


Visiting Goodwood Circuit during the test day prior to the Revival will give you a chance to get close with some special machinery.


I did just that… and lucky me as I got very close with DK Engineerings spectacular Ferrari 500TRC. The day was warm and sunny and it wasn’t difficult for my attention to be fully drawn to this yellow goddess of cars.

Into the pit lane…


Current owners ‘DK Engineering’ have owned this car for nearly 40 years out of which they raced it for around 25 years now. The car has actually started it’s racing career by winning the 2.0-litre class at 1957 24 Hours of LeMans and officially landed 7th out of 20 entrants in overall. Not a bad start…

Off to the circuit…


Watching this car going round the Goodwood’s tarmac was rather special and I can’t wait to see it in action at the Revival in September. Look out for it during Freddie March Memorial Trophy.

The question remains – is this the most beautiful Ferrari to race at the Revival this year?

After the test round…

Ferrari 500 TRC - DK Engineering (25 of 31)

Tom Horna

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