MY MINI REVOLUTION. Little Britons​ in Paris.


It’s not a surprise that everyone loves the British legendary classic Mini but what is a surprise is the fact that one of the biggest classic Mini dealers is based in Paris.

During our trip to Paris this summer, we visited My Mini Revolution classic Mini specialist based only a few minutes away from the glorious Eifel Tower.

Wow! is the word that comes to mind… The concept is brilliant! A gorgeous little shop in central Paris with enough space to squeeze up to seven classic Minis for sale and a hydraulic ramp to carry out a quick maintenance on clients cars.

It’s like stepping into little Britain in the center of Paris. We fell in love with this place and if you’re visiting Paris and you’re into classic Minis then its the one to put on your ‘must visit’ list!

Check My Mini Revolution website here and scroll through our gallery.

Perfect space for the tiny Britons…

The one that caught our attention…


Here’s a little video explaining what My Mini Revolution is all about. Enjoy!

Tom Horna

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