The London Classic Car Show 2017



In its third year of existence, The London Classic Car Show proves itself to be one of the must-see events.

Jacky Ickx Tribute Collection

This year highlight number one was the display of Jacky Ickx Tribute Collection containing six important cars from Jacky’s career spanning from LeMans cars to Paris-Dakar 959.


Ferrari Tribute Collection

The second highlight was the overwhelming Ferrari Tribute Collection curated by Joe Macari. Displayed on the white background were around twenty spectacular Italians with a total value of well over 100 million pounds this alone literally stopped everyone visiting the show.



With an array of exhibitors such as car dealers, collectors, manufacturers and classic car related automobilia you will not get bored… actually quite the opposite.


The Grand Avenue

The now-famous Grand Avenue is there to entertain the ‘noise hungry’ spectators that like the smell of classic car fumes.

Classic Car Show London (1 of 92)


We certainly enjoyed the show and will be there next year. Will you?


Tom Horna

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